Taxation is a supremely specialized area that requires skills relating to tax planning, documentation, and representation. Being the pros at Direct Tax Planners, we offer excellent Income Tax Consultancy at New Delhi and NCR to ensure that the hard-earned money of the population stays with them and we keep their tax liability to the minimum level within four corners of law hand in hand.

Tax Consultancy Services Offered by us to the Corporate Clients are:

  • Personal interaction with the client to ascertain corporate structure, its sources of income, etc.
  • Tax Planning within four corners of Law
  • Calculating the estimated advance tax liability on a quarterly basis and reviewing thereof on each quarter.
  • Year-end calculation of estimated tax liability and advice for further tax planning.
  • TDS compliance, filing returns and issuance of TDS certificates.
  • Well-timed preparation of ITR, a deposit of self-assessment tax, and filing of ITR.
  • Examining assessment order and advising the client about the future line of action framed by Income Tax Officer.
  • Filing appeal and staying before Appellate Authorities.
  • To prepare written submissions to be filed before Appellate Authorities.
  • To take necessary actions for settlement of outstanding demand against the client.
  • To file an application for recovery of old tax refund due to the assesses, etc.



At Ratio Legis Law LLP, we undertake tax representations on behalf of various tax entities such as individual, partnership firm,  AOP, Trust,  Society,  Company and Limited Liability Partnership before the Revenue Authorities for Tax Assessments and Tax Appellate Proceedings including Transfer Pricing matters.

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